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About Dialed Medics

Who is Dialed Medics?

For the full story of what our EKG generation software is, check out The Problem: How We Teach EKGs and Our Solution: A software EKG generator.

Dialed Medics was founded in 2022 by co-founders Adam and Kim. Adam serves as our CEO and is the developer of the EKG generation software hosted here. Kim serves as our CFO, handling our financial and business affairs.

About Adam:

A paramedic with 20 years experience working in and teaching prehospital, emergency, critical care, and flight medicine as well as the developer of Dialed Medics EKG generator web app.

I started off in medicine in the early 2000's getting Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B) certification and finding work in the Emergency Room (ER) as a technician as well as on an ambulance responding to low-priority emergencies and inter-facility transports. A frequent task for Emergency Room Technicians is to obtain electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG) tracings; so I initially got a lot of experience and had my interest in EKGs peaked.

One of my Ambulances.
The back of one of my ambulances.

After a few years at the EMT scope I went on to become a paramedic and further gained certifications in a host of specialties from the common and mandatory Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS®) to Critical Care, Flight, Tactical, Search & Rescue, and more. Through the years I've had the opportunity to provide prehospital emergency care on ambulances, helicopters, bicycles, and even golf-carts.

I began teaching quickly after getting experience as an EMT, first as a skills instructor and eventually teaching prehospital emergency medicine to many levels of healthcare providers. At this point I've taught hundreds of paramedics, nurses, and other clinicians rapid interpretation of EKGs along with a host of other topics.

Since before getting involved in medicine as a career, computers and programming were always a hobby of mine. After years of teaching students in the classroom and interns in the field I was left wanting a program that could generate novel EKGs to use in simulation and lectures. While not all patients get EKG testing, nearly all moderate or acute status patients do. Being able to simulate novel EKGs for my students to interpret would have been excellent. So I sat down to write it, and now you're reading this.

When I'm not on the ambulance, in the classroom, programming, or with family, I try to spend as much time outdoors possible; hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, free-diving / spearfishing, and any other hobby that keeps me in the back-country!

I've had the honor of being taught by and working with some of the best paramedics, doctors, nurses, and EMTs in the United States. I have those amazing teachers, mentors, and preceptors to thank for everything I know about medicine and EKG interpretation.

My hope is that this tool will help make becoming proficient at interpreting EKGs easier for as many people as possible.

About Kim:

Our CFO and co-founder is a 42 year old Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She spent 20+ years in California consulting for some of the largest public and private companies in the software industry. She has participated in multiple initial public offerings both domestically and abroad. She spent the last 10 years serving as a senior executive in corporate finance for public and pre-IPO private companies. She is currently living in Europe, working as the CFO of a SaaS company.

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